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2015-07-23: Old Site Content

As stated previously, this site has undergone major changes. For those readers who wish to access the old site content, it can be found here. As long as GitHub remains in existence, all of this content will continue to be available. To use this source you can view articles in the _posts directory as plain text in any text editor. Or if you choose to, you can install Ruby and Jekyll to run the site on your computer.

To download it, please use the git command shown below.

git clone -b old_source --single-branch https://github.com/BrentonEarl/brentonearl.github.io.git
2015-07-22: Major Site Update

After several years of blogging, I’ve decided to call it quits. I regret to inform my readers that all of the old site content will no longer be available as apart of the live Exit Status One domain. This web site is transitioning from a blogging site, to purely an informational site. In the future I will make old site content available in a separate Github repository. More news on this at a later date.

I have also decided to move from Jekyll to AsciiDoc. Jekyll has been a great asset in assisting a simplified blogging process. However, in the future the functionality of the site will no longer require all of what Jekyll provides. AsciiDoc will allow me to simplify site development in ways that Jekyll will not.

The Exit Status One web site will continue to be available at this domain.